Place an advert in just a few clicks, no back and forth.

Run ads without any hassle

Almost every industry has been properly digitized, but running adverts with TV stations, radio stations, billboards and influencers can be incredibly manual and offline. We think these things could be done with just a few clicks and that's what we have done.

We've made it simple

We've done all the back and forth. Negotiations, rate cards, we've talked to their managers. We know you don't like that stress. You can now genuinely book an influencer or a tv station online and we will process the order like an
e-commerce store order.

How easier can it get?

All this is possible because we are behind-the-scenes contacting all these influencers, TV stations, blogs and more- and have even found out their rates for you.
In addition to this, your adverts will be distributed at your desired time, and there’ll be no changes made to the information.


Global Advert Spend

A lot of it is still done through a lot of back and forth.


the number of hours

wasted on advert negotiations yearly by several organizations.


More efficient

if your company uses Stanbuzz for advertising.


Advert Partners

as we continue to scale our advert partner numbers to make sure we have the platform you want


the number of seconds

you should waste contemplating whether to start using Stanbuzz today.

Frequently asked questions

Will the pricing be displayed on the website?

Yes! That is one of the benefits we are offering on the Stanbuzz platform. With this feature, you can make decisions faster and select the bundle that works for your company.

Do we have to reach out to the media houses to get a quote?

No, we will reach out to the media houses we partner with and do all the work for you. All you have to do is select your bundle, and send what you would like to advertise

Is Stanbuzz more affordable?

Yes! Remember that our goal is to reduce advert spend waste. When you sign up to use our platform, you not only get immense value for your money, you also get to choose a bundle that suits your budget.

Can we pay in installments?

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer that option.

Is there a postpaid option for payments?

In order to fully carry out our duties well and satisfy both you, our client and our partners that we work with, the payment option that we currently offer is prepaid.

Is it possible to manually create a bundle based on unique needs?

Yes! All you have to do is send us an email @...