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Frequently asked questions

Who can use Stanbuzz?

Just about any brand. Anyone that needs to run a marketing campaign can use Stanbuzz; from small startup businesses to large established businesses, to charity organizations. If you need to run a marketing campaign, Stanbuzz can help you.

What makes Stanbuzz different?

Stanbuzz focuses on personalization. Not every advert type cuts across all brands. Stanbuzz helps to find the right puzzle piece to fit your brand.

How does Stanbuzz ensure I get the desired results?

Stanbuzz uses a data-driven approach to recommend the best and most effective marketing practices for your brand. We partner with platforms with vast audiences, ensuring variety, because we understand the importance of their audience to your brand. Stanbuzz helps you conserve your advert budget while still effectively reaching your audience. People at Stanbuzz have helped over 15,000 brands become more efficient with their advert spending.

What is the major goal of Stanbuzz?

Our goal is to greatly reduce inefficiency in advert spend. We don't want to see people wasting money on ads that don't bring results.

Are Stanbuzz products and services affordable?

Yes! Compared to anywhere else, we pretty much have the best rates for all our services and products.

Must I be a business owner to use Stanbuzz?

Not at all! Any brand with a need to run a marketing campaign can use Stanbuzz. Our focus is on establishing a connection between your brand and your audience, no matter what your brand is.

Does Stanbuzz only focus on social media adverts?

No! We do a broad range of advert types.

Does Stanbuzz only cater to Large companies?

No, we have services that cater to both large and small businesses.

Will the pricing be displayed on the website?

Yes! That is one of the benefits we are offering on the Stanbuzz platform. With this feature, you can make decisions faster and select the bundle that works for your company.

Do we have to reach out to the media houses to get a quote?

No, we will reach out to the media houses we partner with and do all the work for you. All you have to do is select your bundle, and send what you would like to advertise

Is Stanbuzz more affordable?

Yes! Remember that our goal is to reduce advert spend waste. When you sign up to use our platform, you not only get immense value for your money, you also get to choose a bundle that suits your budget.

Can we pay in installments?

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer that option.

Is there a postpaid option for payments?

In order to fully carry out our duties well and satisfy both you, our client and our partners that we work with, the payment option that we currently offer is prepaid.

Is it possible to manually create a bundle based on unique needs?

Yes! All you have to do is send us an email @...

How does Batch marketing work?

It involves Influencers, advertising more than one product on a particular advert, and the product owners get to split the payment, thereby reducing the cost of marketing for all the companies involved.

Can similar brands be grouped together?

No, brands in the same industry will not be grouped together to prevent unhealthy competition.

Who can benefit from it?

Companies with large ad budgets will greatly benefit from it, as they can divert funds to other significant parts of the company and still get value.

If we select more than one media house, will the information be disseminated at the chosen time?

Yes! Not only will they be distributed at the same time, we guarantee that the information will also remain the same.