Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can use Stanbuzz?

Just about any brand. Anyone that needs to run a marketing campaign can use Stanbuzz; from small startup businesses to large established businesses, to charity organizations. If you need to run a marketing campaign, Stanbuzz can help you.

What makes Stanbuzz different?

Stanbuzz focuses on personalization. Not every advert type cuts across all brands. Stanbuzz helps to find the right puzzle piece to fit your brand

How does Stanbuzz ensure I get the desired results?

Stanbuzz uses a data-driven approach to recommend the best and most effective marketing practices for your brand. We partner with platforms with vast audiences, ensuring variety, because we understand the importance of their audience to your brand. Stanbuzz helps you conserve your advert budget while still effectively reaching your audience. People at Stanbuzz have helped over 15,000 brands become more efficient with their advert spending.

What is the major goal of Stanbuzz?

Our goal is to greatly reduce inefficiency in advert spend. We don't want to see people wasting money on ads that don't bring results.

Are Stanbuzz products and services affordable?

Yes! Compared to anywhere else, we pretty much have the best rates for all our services and products.

Must I be a business owner to use Stanbuzz?

Not at all! Any brand with a need to run a marketing campaign can use Stanbuzz. Our focus is on establishing a connection between your brand and your audience, no matter what your brand is.

Does Stanbuzz only focus on social media adverts?

No! We do a broad range of advert types.

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Why Stanbuzz?

Last year, about $380 Billion was spent on online advertising by brands all over the world. Up to $150 Billion of that money did not generate the desired result for the brands that paid for them. That’s a lot of money spent without returns.

To put it into perspective, Nigeria’s 2020 budget was $35 Billion. So people wasted up to 4 years' worth of Nigeria’s budget on ineffective advertising in 2020 alone.

If nothing changes, by 2024, $240 Billion will be wasted on advertising, without getting results. Money gone like that, pooooof!

That’s why we have come in to save the day.

We asked ourselves, “what can we do to reduce this money being wasted on adverts without results?”

A lot of things came to our minds, at least 20 solutions. But can we really offer all those 20 solutions from day 1?  No.

So we said, “even though we will work on all the solutions to reduce this money being wasted on advertising, we can start with 3 things and then extend to other things.”

1. If people learn how to market better, they will waste less money - a lot of people waste their advert budget because they have no knowledge about how best to allocate it to get results. So we thought, “let’s start from here; let people be able to enrol into our world-class trainings that can teach them practical ways to be more effective with their adverts”.

2. If people can find trusted experts to market for them, they will waste less money - Some people don’t really want to learn to market by themselves, they just need a good, reliable, trustworthy person that won’t rip them  off and knows their onions. We said, “if we can help clients find those people by screening them and being sure of their proven abilities, then we can make advertising more efficient.”

3. If people can find experts to advise them, they will waste less money - Some people just need a one-hour call with an expert to get super clarity on their marketing strategy. Some may just want an expert to spend some time with their marketing team, and we know this will help reduce advert spend waste.

But that’s not all. There are many more things we are working on; because to be able to achieve our goal of reducing advert spend inefficiency, we need to consider several factors as it is not a one-size-fits-all operation. We are aware of this and are working on it at Stanbuzz.

Our goal again...

To greatly reduce advert spend inefficiency and to make the internet’s advert experience so much better.