The Role Of Social Media In Advertising

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The Role Of Social Media In Advertising

What is all this talk about social media?

Technology hasn't just introduced smartphones, laptops and computers, it has also provided us access to a wide number of applications and networking sites. Social media is dynamic and new apps emerge every year. Today, there are nothing less than 103 social media sites. Now, we can reach a large number of people online just by sending one broadcast message! Is this worth the shout? We think so!

Every year, the number of people who sign into social media accounts skyrockets. In 2010, the number exceeded more than 2 million in just five years. In 2019, there were about 2.77 billion people using social media. Globally, research has it that there are more than 3.8billion social media users today.

According to Pew Research Center, social media users tend to be younger, as nearly 90% of people between the ages of 18 and 29 use at least one form of social media. This is not surprising as young people are more vulnerable to new technology. It is also not surprising that even the older generation now use the social media, especially Facebook and WhatsApp. Now you get the gist.

Social Media is a computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas, thoughts and information through the building of virtual (online) networks and communities. It has to do with websites and applications that enable users create and share content. Content can include personal information, documents, videos and photos, but for the sake of business, content includes information about a product or service.

So how do you use the social media to advertise your products?

  • Social Media Marketing

Advertising has to do with getting people to know your brand, who you are and what you offer, right? Well, social media can do ALL of these!

Social media marketing is the process of gaining awareness, generating leads (potential customers), driving traffic and engaging your customers using social media. Since there are many online users over the world today, the use of social media is a great advantage to every entrepreneur and it must be engaged as one. 

  • You can reach a large audience

This is the biggest benefit of social media marketing that we cannot get over. Today, a random entrepreneur does not need to do much of house-to-house advertisement or using the traditional mediums like newspapers, television or radio. Of the trio, the only one that can still be considered relevant today is the television: how many people still read newspapers today? Maybe just the older generation. Or how many people still listen to the radio voluntarily? The youth have left the group chat. The point is, the world has gone digital and every potential consumer of a product or service can be found on the internet, so the rational thing is to find your customers wherever they gather and spend time.

Can you see now that social media is definitely worthy of all the hype it gets?

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Why Stanbuzz?

Imagine you want to run an advert with an influencer or a blog, but it costs a million naira. Expensive, right? Here’s what we’ll do; we’ll bring together other companies interested in advertising their product, and have that influencer produce an advertisement that includes the products of all the companies. By doing this, you could end up paying about 700,000 naira, thereby spending less than your intended ad budget. (Note that this is just an example).
Remember, our goal at Stanbuzz is to greatly reduce advert spend inefficiency.

FAQ for Batch Marketing
How does Batch marketing work?
It involves Influencers advertising more than one product on a particular advert, and the product owners get to split the payment, thereby reducing the cost of marketing for all the companies involved.

Can similar brands be grouped together?
No, brands in the same industry will not be grouped together to prevent unhealthy competition.

Who can benefit from it?
Companies with large ad budgets will greatly benefit from it, as they can divert funds to other significant parts of the company and still get value.

If I select more than one media house, will the information be disseminated at the chosen time?

Yes! Not only will they be distributed at the same time, we guarantee that the information will also remain the same.

How can an influencer benefit from it?
As an Influencer you

Our goal again...

To greatly reduce advert spend inefficiency and to make the internet’s advert experience so much better.