How to Write Great Product Descriptions for Your Online Store

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How to Write Great Product Descriptions for Your Online Store

Creating an online store takes a lot of work. Today’s buyers are always in a hurry. They prefer to skim through product descriptions or skip them entirely. 

Most online stores pay more attention to the visual aspect of their website and tend to neglect their product description. 

Visual elements play a vital role in turning visitors into buyers, but a well-written product description can also help seal the deal. 

Before looking at some of the rules that’ll help you write killer product descriptions, let us take a look at the benefits of a good product description. 

The Importance of Writing Product Description 

1. It helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a well-written item description with the right keywords can increase your chances of ranking highly on Google. The higher you rank, the more visitors you’ll get on your website. 

2. It helps to educate customers on the product

The product description offers additional information that a picture cannot provide. If you were shopping for a laptop, you wouldn’t click ‘buy' just because of the image. You’ll want to see the features and specifications before you make a decision. 

3. It can foster customer-brand relationships.

If you’re savvy enough, you can use your product description to reinforce the bond between your brand and your customer. It can also assure them that your product will help improve their life in some way.

7 Rules to Help You Write Your Product Description

1. Create a buyer’s persona

Start by creating a buyer’s persona in your mind. This is where most people get it wrong. They try to appeal to everyone with their product description and end up appealing to no one. You can think of a product description as a simple conversation between you and your ideal customer.

2. Emphasize the benefits of your products.

Potential customers are more concerned about how your product can help improve their life. So tell them the benefits that your product offers. Does it solve a problem? Will it make them feel good in any way? Then let them know. 

Instead of writing just the product feature, you want to write about the benefit that the feature brings. 

3. Avoid cliche adjectives unless you can justify them

You may think your product is the best, that it is amazing and unique. But when a potential customer sees those words, the first question they’ll ask is why and how is it the best? Therefore, unless you can prove your product is unique and the best, you’re better off avoiding those words. Focus more on the benefits and the technical details. It will bring clarity and credibility to your brand.

4. Make it easy to read.

This is a very crucial point. Avoid text-heavy product descriptions. You want to keep it short and simple. Use bullet points to break down details and to educate your buyers. 

5. Don’t forget to add social proofs

People are more likely to buy a product when it has great reviews. They want to know that other customers were satisfied with your product. Add social proof, like a quote from a customer, to your product description. It helps to increase your brands’ credibility and also drive sales.

With this guide, you are sure to make an eye catching product description.

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