Why Your Business Needs Social Media

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Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Social media is here to stay, and businesses are quickly catching up with the times. 3.2 billion people currently use social media globally, and they account for 42% of the population. With these statistics, businesses cannot afford to overlook the importance of incorporating social media marketing into their marketing strategy.

Benefits of Social Media in Growing a Business

1. Increases Leads

Businesses are created to generate revenue, and as such, they are constantly in search of new leads to convert. However, over the years, improving the quality of generated leads has proven to be a big barrier to the success of many businesses.

This is one aspect where social media can support the growth of businesses; it has the ability to generate highly qualified leads via advanced targeting tactics.

If you intend to use social media to generate leads, start by promoting contents that are suitable to your brand and also provides value to your customers. Include relevant images to the content, as visual cues are easily understandable. Also, never forget, an irresistible call to action creates an atmosphere of urgency in the consumer.

2. Maximizes Conversions

We’ve already established that businesses need to constantly generate leads to survive. While it’s possible to generate lots of leads, not all leads will ultimately become a conversion. Another instance where social media proves its usefulness.

Social media can help a business to convert a huge portion of its total generated leads into full-fledged paying customers. To achieve this, a business has to: 

  • Include a Strong CTA: By including a powerful call-to-action, a business directs and inspires potential customers on their next course of action; which is to make a purchase. CTAs don’t necessarily have to be written words alone, carefully designed visual cues with important messages of action embedded in it will also get the job done.
  • Organize Contests, Giveaways, or Offer Discounts: A business can maximize its conversions by holding contests and giveaway programs as often as possible. Such promotions help increase awareness, and engagements. This method is cost-effective, entertaining and an impressive way to increase sales.

3. Creates Relationship with Customers

While many consider social media as a platform for promoting and selling products and services, a business can get more out of it than merely selling. Social media is an avenue to mould and develop trust with customers. Another benefit of this is that a business gets to create a loyal customer base for itself. 

One way to build trust is to create genuine and relatable contents on your social media accounts and engage with customers to further cement their trust in its services. You can simply employ the services of an influencer to help promote your business. 

Influencers create and share real authentic contents from their personal experiences as regarding a business. This makes it easier for customers to relate to their stories and believe them. 

4. Monitors Competitors

While this may sound creepy, it is far from that, because social media provides an avenue to openly monitor competition in your industry. The goal is to learn from their strategies (successes and mistakes alike), modify it to suite your own market and implement your modification. In addition, it gives an insight into the type of content they use and how they interact with their audience. A caveat here is to never copy directly, as what works best for them won’t always be the best route for your business. 

Social media can support a business' growth in numerous ways that are not included here. Some of which are:

• Improving brand recognition

• Establishing a business as an authority in its industry

• Improving search engine visibility

• Driving traffic for digital businesses.

For your business to succeed, you have to move with the times. Don’t get left out, social media is here to stay, use it to your advantage.

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Our goal again...

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