How to Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

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How to Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

What’s more important than bringing visitors to your website? It’s turning those visitors into buyers.

Some experts believe conversion rates are the only true metric for measuring the health of your e-commerce business.

When someone visits your store, you want them to take action. Ideally, this will involve making a purchase. However, it could also be following you on social media, signing up for your email list, or creating an account. 

Periodically you may have high traffic volumes but low conversion rates. If that is the case, then you need to optimize your e-commerce conversion rate.

In this article, we will look at some surefire tips that will boost your conversion rates. 

6 Proven Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate

1. Split test your ads

The first tip is to split test your ads. Split testing allows you to create several versions of your ad. That way, consumers don’t get used to seeing the same ad. It also lets you buy more traffic at more affordable rates. 

2. Improve the speed of your website. 

The speed of your website plays a crucial role in optimizing your conversion rate. Some stores say they notice a 7% decrease in conversion for every one-second delay on their site. 

There are several things you can do to increase site speed. You could look for apps that will let you decrease the image size without compromising quality or reduce the number of items that your page loads. 

3. Split test your images

You can also boost your conversion rate by trying out various product photos. Try out three to five main images and see which lands you the best sales. A vibrant image tends to convert better. So make sure your image pops out against the store background. 

4. Update your website design

Switching up the look and feel of your store can also help boost conversion rates. Apply design principles that help increase sales to your website design. You can also hire an expert to help you update your store design

5. Use scarcity and urgency 

Scarcity and urgency tactics are exceptional at converting visitors to buyers. They work because many people let FOMO (fear of missing out) influence their decisions. You can use a countdown timer to convince the casual visitor now is the time to buy. Also, use catchphrases like “Limited Quantities,” “limited edition,” “While Stocks Last,” ”Sale Ends in…,” to try and boost your conversion rate. You may want to carry out a test to determine which phrase works best on your website. 

6. Offer Free Shipping

In today’s market, free shipping can make or break a sale. Customers will abandon you for a store that offers free shipping in a heartbeat. Some store owners think they can’t offer free shipping. They forget that it is all a psychological game. You can increase the price of your product so that it covers the cost of the shipping and then offer free shipping to your customers.

There you have it, six helpful tips to increase your conversion rates. Remember, these are only tips. You need to be flexible if you want to succeed in the e-commerce business. So don’t be afraid to tweak any strategy till it fits your business model.

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How does Batch marketing work?
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