How to Boost Sales Using Buy Button

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How to Boost Sales Using Buy Button

There are very few industries that are as fiercely competitive as the e-commerce industry. Almost everyone has an e-commerce store, which means that you’re competing with thousands of individuals for sales. 

This is why everything must be done to position your business to make more sales. One way of doing that is to implement buy buttons on your website. 

What Are Buy Now Buttons and Why Are They Important?

Due to people abandoning their carts, businesses lose approximately $4.6 trillion globally!! Research shows that the average cart abandonment rate is 68%

The chart below shows some of the reasons why users abandon their cart. 18% of consumers abandoned their carts because of complicated checkout processes.

What if you could simplify that process for users? Well, you can, with a ‘buy now’ button. A buy now button is a CTA (Call to Action) or a link that allows users go directly to your product page, checkout page, or their cart. 

Buy buttons are necessary because they reduce cart abandonment rates and increase sales by boosting your conversion rate. 

Where to Use Buy Buttons

There are several platforms and channels where you can place a buy button. The buy button reduces the number of touch points customers have to go through to reach the shopping cart. 

Here are two locations that are effective for deploying a buy button:

1. On a blog post

You can bridge the gap between the content experience and the buying experience by using a buy button. It’ll take readers directly to the product page straight from your blog.

2. In your email marketing

You can also include these buttons in your email campaigns. They are a great way to boost your email marketing strategy. 

4 Ways the Buy Button Helps to Increase Revenue

Let’s look at some of the ways the buy button could increase your profit margin

1. It generates demand 

You’ll find it difficult to increase sales if you can’t generate demand. By utilizing a well-optimized buy button, you can generate demand on multiple platforms.

2. It helps to improve User Experience (UX)

A buy button lets you sell to potential customers from any social media platform or website. This helps to significantly improve UX, as customers can make purchases in seconds. 

3. It speeds up the checkout process

According to the survey previously mentioned, 18% of shoppers abandon their carts if the checkout process has too many steps. With a buy now button, customers can skip all that and make faster purchases. 

4. Skip Account Creation

Not everyone buying from you wants to create an account with you. But with a buy button, shoppers can buy what they want without going through the hassle of creating an account. 

Most business owners looking to increase sales for their e-commerce store usually go to SEO, social media marketing, or paid ads, and while all these help to boost sales, business owners tend to neglect another valuable asset; The Buy Button. 

As long as your buy button is well optimized and is applied correctly, there should be an increase in sales.

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