6 Tips to Help You Combat Burnout while Building Your E-Commerce

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6 Tips to Help You Combat Burnout while Building Your E-Commerce

Feeling exhausted, worn out, and stressed? It’s understandable. Running a business is hard. Yes, you’re your own boss, and you create your own work hours, but the reality is most business owners even work more than the 9 - 5 employees. 

A lot of business owners find it hard to take time off work. They have put so much time, money, and effort into the business to make sure it grows, that they often neglect their physical and mental health. 

Burnouts can happen to anyone at any time. Entrepreneurs are especially prone to burnouts as some work more than 50 hours a week.

If you just started an e-commerce store or any other business, your priority for the first few months is to cover the cost of starting up. So it is understandable why a lot of entrepreneurs put in a lot of hours, but working for too many hours will hurt you and your business in the long run. Therefore, we decided to share some tips to help you manage burnout.

6 Tips to Help You Manage Burnout

1. Get organized

Disorganization often leads to burnout because you end up spending longer on a project than it requires. Take some time to organize your files, desk, and your computer as it helps reduce exhaustion and makes work easier.

2. Schedule downtime

Breaks are vital to your mental health, they give you a chance to take a breather, regroup, and head back to face your job with a clearer head. Scheduling downtime ensures you take some time off from work. This time could be used for specific activities like going for walks, taking naps or reading books. 

3. Identify your stressors

Certain things tend to stress us more than others. There may be parts of your business you don’t like, and the thought of such aspects may cause stress. Figure out what these stressors are, then create a plan to handle them without letting them trigger you. 

4. Delegate

Your business is your brainchild; while you may want to shoulder it all, the reality is that you can’t handle everything. You have your weaknesses and strengths. Identify your weaknesses and delegate others better suited to handling those tasks. 

5. Set clear expectations

Set clear goals and expectations for yourself. If you have a team, do the same with them too. Let them know if they’ll need to work weekends or late hours, and why. By setting weekly or monthly goals, you’ll be able to reduce the hours you spend working. 

6. Find an outlet

Having a hobby that helps you relax, and is unrelated to your work is a good way to prevent burnout. You can use your scheduled downtimes to enjoy your hobby. Give yourself time off from work to enjoy other things.

Exhaustion isn’t fun, but it is something 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs experience at some point in their business career. Thankfully, you can recover and even avoid it by taking the measures shared above. 

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