5 Ways WhatsApp Can Improve the Performance of Your Business

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5 Ways WhatsApp Can Improve the Performance of Your Business

Technology has improved communications tremendously in the last decade. Instant messaging was one of the leaps it gave us. And as we move on about our daily lives, we feel the presence of businesses closer than ever.

WhatsApp is one of such innovative means of communication. The instant messaging giant boasts of over 2 billion users worldwide. With the introduction of WhatsApp for business, brands can now operate in a much more personalized manner to transact with potential clients.

Consequently, consumer-related businesses are adopting the user-friendly channels to connect with their clients. Why? Because an appreciable number of potential customers are already using the platform, making it one of the easiest ways to communicate directly.

Improve Customer Support

A customer’s journey starts right from their first visit to a business, be it physical or online. Therefore creating an easy path for customers to locate, interact and transact with a business becomes imperative.

WhatsApp can help you improve this process by streamlining your customer support system. Usually, during a customer’s journey from potential to paying client, they often ask questions. These questions help consumers make the most informed decision about a purchase. With WhatsApp infused into a business, it becomes easier and faster to handle FAQs.

The benefit of this is that the business gets to increase its conversion rate and consequently its revenue margin. It reduces cost of operation and potential loss of customers. It also reduces the issuance of support ticket to aggrieved customers with delayed response.

Personalized Experiences

When a customer agrees to be contacted via WhatsApp, the business automatically acquires personalised data such as Phone Number and location (Country; with respect to the country code). Should the business require additional data, it can simply request the information as part of its opt-in. An example is when businesses need specific residence location or an actual name to customize customer experience.

Customer-Generated Content

Generating user content is by no means an easy task. Often times, businesses have to rely on incentives to get client to perform such task for them. 

How can WhatsApp help a business with this? WhatsApp has the ability to access built-in cameras of smartphones, which makes it easier to get customers to take a photograph or record a video of them using the purchased product.

Improve Remarketing Results

The old way of dealing with Shopping cart abandonment is to send reminders via emails, but the down side to this method is its low response rate.

With WhatsApp, you can target customers who abandoned their cart more directly. Not everyone opens their mails everyday but with instant messaging, the chances that they come back to make another purchase or complete the previous one grows significantly.

Increase customer base

WhatsApp integration with a business can lead to an increase in numbers of customers. It enables businesses to literarily follow clients from the web into the “real world”. 

Businesses can rely on the API’s (Application Programming Interface) chat bubble to invite potential clients. Also, the product/category page button allows potential customers to receive notifications, news and updates through the WhatsApp medium.

Note: to be able to send proactive automated messages with WhatsApp API you need users to actively opt-in.

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