5 Effective Web Design Tips That Will Help You Improve Sales

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5 Effective Web Design Tips That Will Help You Improve Sales

First impressions matter. The first thing visitors notice on your website isn't the price or product. It is your website design.

Did you know that only a small percentage of website visitors buy a product? However, that number increases when you have a good website design. 

For every $1 you invest in website design, specifically User Experience (UX), you can expect fantastic returns of up to $100.  

So how does your website design impact sales?

How Web Design Affects Your Sales

Here are two ways web design can impact your sales:

1. It affects credibility

A poor or outdated website design says to your potential buyers that you’re not very credible. Visitors will find it difficult to trust you, causing them to stay away from your site. The more this happens, the more sales you lose. 

2. It can drive customers to your competition
Let’s imagine you visit two different e-commerce sites selling similar products. Site A is hard to navigate, search buttons don’t work, and the checkout process is complex.

Site B delivers a positive user experience. Navigating the site is easy, the design looks good, and the products are easy to find. Where would you prefer to shop? Site A or B?

5 Effective Ecommerce Web Design Tips

Listed below are some web design tips that are sure to take your website and business to another level.

1. Keep it simple

You might get tempted to add a lot of graphics and interactive features to your website, but that can overwhelm visitors. Remember, simple is always better. 

Use simple and legible fonts and generous amounts of white space. You want to minimize the number of steps that’ll take customers from the product page to the checkout page. 

2. Use the right images and colors

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is why using high-quality images as part of your web design can help increase sales. A recent study showed that incorporating relevant images to your website increases conversion by 40%. Customers are more likely to buy when you display your products with the right images.

3. Make navigation easy

Navigation is one of the most crucial aspects of web design. No one will purchase your products if your website is cluttered and hard to navigate. Your product categories and product pages should be easy to navigate. Customers should be able to search for products and even filter search by things like product type or color. 

4. Keep your content scannable

Instead of spending long hours crafting product descriptions that most people won’t read, you should focus on keeping your content scannable. The average website visitor only reads about 20% of the text on a webpage. They prefer skimming through for key information.

Break up your content (product description, “about us” page) into scannable formats. Keep your paragraph and sentences short. Customers will find it easier to absorb the needed information, and you’ll have a higher chance of making a sale.

5. Optimize your site for mobile

More users are browsing on their smartphones more than ever. For some people, their phone is their only access point to the internet. If your website doesn’t load on all mobiles or it is slow to load on mobile, then you will lose sales. Always optimize your website for both desktop and mobile devices.

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