5 Branding Tips to Kickstart Your Business

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5 Branding Tips to Kickstart Your Business

Branding is a crucial activity that businesses have to engage in. The goal of business branding is to help build a recognizable and reputable business venture. This, in turn, helps the business build a relationship with its existing customers, acquire new ones and encourage loyalty.

Branding helps businesses deliver product and services in a unique manner different from what is obtainable in the market. No doubt, branding is essential but like any other task, creating a successful branding for a business requires careful planning with a smart strategy. 

To attain a strong brand equity for a business, one must identify what, how, when and where to launch branding campaigns from. The few steps provided below will help you achieve the ultimate branding for your business.

1. Clearly define Brand Vision

The first step of in types of branding strategies is to define your brand vision of existing. While the purpose of most businesses is to increase revenue, it shouldn’t be the only goal.

Consumers often associate with businesses that possess a clear vision demonstrating how they intend to improve their lives. This vision is then transmitted in the business branding messages and what your brand is capable of to add more value for customers.

An integral part of brand vision are brand guidelines. They describe the set of standard values, tone and personality expected from all types of interaction with customers. This helps the business to maintain a consistent professional perception.

2. Create Brand Emotional Connection

Consumers experience mostly determines their buying behaviour. In most situations where products’ quality or prices are similar, customers often turn to emotional preferences in making such decision. A business that has built emotional connection with its client base will often get favourable decisions.

Businesses can pick cues of brand emotional connections from Nike’s “find your greatness” campaign or Guinness’s “Friendship” ad. Once you’ve selected a desired emotional connection trigger, you can rely on storytelling to infuse it into your online and offline advertising campaigns. This drives up awareness and engagement and also creates connection with your target customers on a deeper level.

3. Prioritize Value-addition

The more a business prioritizes the creation of value-addition for its customers, the more trust the brand gains from such customers. One way of creating additional value for customers is via Content marketing solutions. This includes creating useful contents like how-to guides, live Q&A sessions, and info-graphics or email newsletters.

This helps you demonstrate that you value your customers and helps you spread your brand vision. Additionally, it delights your customers thereby converting them to loyal brand ambassadors.

Loyal customers need to be rewarded and a loyalty reward program takes care of that. An ancillary benefit of this is that the business gets to enjoy free word-of-mouth marketing.

4. Embrace technology

Technology has continued shaping the way business grows. Over the years, businesses have taken their messages directly to their target customers. The likes of Social media networks, podcasts and blogs have created extra avenues for brands to expand other than the conventional ways.

So, why not take your brand vision along with your brand emotional connection strategy to where your target market is. By utilizing technology, a business can exponentially multiply the effect of its branding. Getting the message out is much easier, faster and better with the internet. Businesses can share tips from smart phones, ideas on a podcast, and reply enquiries via blogs. 

5. Partner with complementary Businesses

By partnering with a complementary business, a brand stands to gain extra exposure to new potential clients. This will not only improve a business’s visibility, it will also significantly aid the credibility of such brand.

Building a partnership can be tricky, and it involves a lot of vetting process at both ends. To start, evaluate exactly what you'd like to achieve with the partnership, perform a SWOT analysis on your business as well as on your potential partner. Lastly, partner with the right business.

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